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During the pandemic, the priority for most businesses to switch to online changed how we interact with our favorite brands and businesses. Having an online presence has become so synonymous with clients, it is now considered a requirement for businesses looking to garner success to have some sort of online media presence. 

AMediaGroup prioritizes itself to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs set up well functioning websites to help increase brand awareness and online presence. Our staff are dedicated to building a site that works for your current needs and at a reasonable price. 

We would like to help you with your next project. We are ready and willing to sit and listen and learn from what your business is trying to achieve as well as bring in our own expertise in the world of building a well functioning site for you and your clients to visit and use.

Why do you need a website?

If you’re a business owner you might not be aware of all the reasons to own a site, but having a site is actually very useful, here are 3 simple reasons why you would benefit. 

  • Organic Client Traffic & (SEO)
  • Automated Payments
  • Authenticity

Creating Organic Client Traffic

A good website functions in a manner that provides multiple areas of service to its owner. Owning a website helps build online traffic towards your business through ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO. Whenever someone searches your business through google, the top searches are dictated by Google’s search engine algorithm. 

A good website interacts with google search results beautifully, so when a client searches online for something relevant to your business, your business appears closer to the top of google’s results! 

Having a good SEO presence allows for a natural flow of organic traffic to your website. If google likes your site, google will direct more eyes to your website, which will help your business grow! Getting a good SEO takes time, so it’s important to get started as soon as possible.

Collect Payments

Mosty websites use their online website to collect payments from clients automatically. A website can help you collect payments from clients online rather than in person. An automated service allows you to spend less time collecting payments in person and instead focus on your work.

Build Authenticity

To flourish in today’s market, businesses need a website to present authenticity to clients. A well-designed well-set website adds authenticity to your business and its online presence.

A good site can help your clients feel safe and confident about your services and answer any questions they might have about the services you provide.

Having a website for your business is necessary today for most businesses if they’re looking for success.

How can we help you?

We like to work closely with our clients. AMedia works closely with you to better ensure the site you receive is built in a manner you’ve requested and helps your business succeed.


Prices vary per project. Past projects have ranged in size from static one page sites, to multi page, multi-function, responsive websites. Here’s a general idea of what we can offer for what price but prices are due to change and vary from project to project so its important you contact us below so we can talk to you and get to know your needs more specifically! 

Email us to get started!

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These guys are great at what they do! Each time I needed their help, their response was very quick. Also, I am very happy with the final results, Thank you!

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These guys are awesome! Each time I needed their help, their response was quick and very helpful. Also, the theme is very flexible. Five stars from me for everything! I truly recommend this theme!!!

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