Web Developer

Benjamin Sanchez

Updating fixing and creating are just a few of the tasks i'm usually given. I want to help out where I can and give businesses the web resources they need to stand out from the competition and provide a nice place for clients to visit.


I’m Benjamin Sanchez and I help out here at Anarchy Media. My usual tasks involve fixing or setting up anything web/software related. My free time is spent tinkering with software or playing around with programming fundamentals/languages and learning about new technologies or art/design.

I graduated Columbia Basin College in 2017, I first got my A.A and then went back and spent another year working on a Computer Science Transfer Degree to WSU. I had to pause school due to illness, but I enjoy studying at home in my free time and hope to return to school one day when I am better.

Currently I am studying at home while also helping out here at Amedia. I’ve helped out on most of the major web projects but I would like to pursue bigger projects and lean into more software-oriented projects one day. I enjoy supporting businesses that need web related help or advice. If you have any questions feel free to message me on any social media platform, thank you for visiting my page!

Professional Skills

Wordpress Builder 90%
Graphic Design 60%
Programming 80%
Video Editor 40%
3D Artist 50%